Sorry, everyone: that nude photo of Elizabeth Taylor isn’t of Elizabeth Taylor

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It didn't take long after Elizabeth Taylor's death for a suspiciously timely nude photo of the actress to hit the internet, one which apparently showed a young Taylor kneeling on a fur rug (maybe?) with her breasts exposed. (The photo, which is obviously NSFW, can be found here.) And for those of you who thought, "Weird that this should only come out just now," good job! Because the widow of the photographer who snapped the shot is now saying that the woman in question is certainly not Elizabeth Taylor:

[Photographer] Gowland died last year but last night Alice, his widow, said she was distressed by the mystery, and said her husband would not have sanctioned any image being released just days after someone's death.

She said they had been approached decades ago with a suggestion that it was Taylor and added: "It is an absolute falsehood that it is Elizabeth Taylor.

"It was first suggested to us by a sleazy reporter who came round and saw the photo up in our studio and shouted it was Elizabeth Taylor.

"We told him it wasn't and we knew because it was our photo, but he wouldn't stop, and he was a sleazy rumor guy. I think that's how it started."

Apparently the woman in the photo is Lee Evans, a dancer who posed for the shot in 1940 — when Taylor was only eight years old. The story of the photo claims that it went from the actress to her makeup artist, then to the makeup artist's son, and finally to an art collector who truly believed the woman in the photo was the Hollywood icon, according to his widow. (Lots of widows in this story.) But sorry, all you vintage horndogs. That lady is not Liz.