South Korean director makes new movie on iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 camera

 Picking up where Gorillaz and their iPad album left off, South Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook, director of the crazy and awesome revenge flick Old Boy, has shot a thirty-minute fantasy-horror film, Paranmanjang, entirely on an Apple iPhone 4. Park told reporters, "The new technology creates strange effects because it is new and because it is a medium the audience is used to." The movie, made on a shoestring of one-hundred-fifty million won ($133,000), was filmed with the help of Park's younger brother, director Park Chan-kyong, and is slated to open in South Korean theaters on January 27.

Park Chan-kyong noted that a wide variety of angles and edits were possible because numerous cameras could be employed. Park told the media at a South Korean press conference that "There are some good points of making a movie with the iPhone as there are many people around the world who like to play and have fun with them." He stressed the portability and democratic nature of the device, and said that they just attached lenses to their phones and that it wasn't that different from shooting a regular movie. This looks like it could set a precedent for many amateur filmmakers to emulate in the future, considering the explosion of the whole blogging phenomenon. When I make my movie, I want Ted Williams to narrate the trailer.