Spies Tom Hardy and Chris Pine fight over Reese Witherspoon in “This Means War”

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Here's the thing: I'll watch anything with Tom Hardy in it, and that's just a fact. I might even watch it twice, even if it's that shitty Star Trek film he did before that most recent good Star Trek film came out. (Which, incidentally, starred Chris Pine.) So it's been a given that I'd be seeing This Means War since pretty much the moment he was cast. That being said, I actually think the trailer for this spy-vs-spy-vs-love flick is kind of charming. I mean, Tom Hardy could charm the pants of a couch (uh, that was wearing pants for some reason), but it seems like a fun, kind of cartoon-y romp. I say this without irony.

Want to know the very small, very out-of-left field moment the trailer convinced me that this movie is smarter than your average romantic comedy? (Or action movie, even?) It's when Chris Pine throws a container of gasoline under a car and shoots it, causing the car to blow up. Why? Because it's been handily proven by the people at Mythbusters that you really can't make a vehicle that's not an oil tanker explode just by popping off a few rounds (even into its gas tank!). And a trained secret agent would know that, I imagine. It sounds silly, I know, but tthat's the kind of attention to detail that I like, even in movies I see because I don't want to think too much for a couple of hours.