Starz cuts ties with Netflix, means fewer movie options for you

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As if we needed another reason to be annoyed at Netflix (beyond the pesky price hikes, that is), we now have one. After failing to reach a new contract agreement, cable movie channel Starz has cut its ties with the service. This means as of February 28, you will no longer be able to stream the criminally underrated Party Down as well as a ton of movies, as Starz holds all the distribution rights to films from several major studios including Disney and Sony.

This marks a devastating blow to the internet's greatest time-waster. Shares already fell nine-percent just mere hours after the announcement was made. If it weren't for the recent instant availability of Mad Men, Netflix would probably face an even greater backlash. But we're too distracted by Don Draper's sexual escapades to stay upset. For now, at least.