Stephen King wants Lindsay Lohan to play “Carrie” in upcoming remake

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Lindsay Lohan and Carrie

Horror of horrors — a remake of Carrie might be in the works. And what's even more terrifying is that Stephen King would cast Lindsay Lohan in the title role. You'd be hard pressed to find an actress less capable of inspiring audience sympathy. I can almost imagine cheers emerging from theaters as she gets doused in blood. 

However the larger question at hand is "why remake such an awesome film in the first place?," especially when King himself doesn't even see the point of it. Here's what he had to say about the matter in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“I’ve heard rumblings about a Carrie remake, as I have about The Stand and It. Who knows if it will happen? The real question is why, when the original was so good? I mean, not Casablanca, or anything, but a really good horror-suspense film, much better than the book… Although Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White… hmmm. It would certainly be fun to cast. I guess I could get behind it if they turned the project over to one of the Davids: Lynch or Cronenberg.

Those directors certainly have tons of creep-show cred to their names, but shouldn't they be working on more original ideas? Or, you know, maybe a Twin Peaks reunion?