Super Bowl brings us new Avengers teaser

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So, that Dark Knight Rises trailer was cool and all, but Marvel wants to remind you that there's another superhero movie coming out this summer and it has so many more flashy costumes. (Tom Hardy in a face mask? How about Samuel L. Jackson in an eyepatch?)

The Avengers shared ad space with The Dictator and GI Joe: Retaliation during the Super Bowl broadcast, presenting a thirty-second teaser with the highest fucking stakes imaginable and urgency like woah. No one except Jackson and Chris Evans is really allowed to talk amidst the doom, explosions, lightning, and Scarlett Johannson trying to look serious in a catsuit. But it looks pretty promising, especially when you add in the kicker from the extended trailer, which hit the interwebs right after the Super Bowl spot aired. (Would it be weird if I started using "We have a Hulk" as an all-purpose one-upper? Because I just might.)

One odd trend that continues in these new Avengers teasers is a surprising lack of Mark Ruffalo. Sure, the CGI'd Hulk gets his due, but Ruffalo doesn't even merit a quick shot. Given his minimal presence in the first trailer, are we to assume he's super-underwhelming or even, gulp, terrible in the movie? I really don't want to believe it, but somehow, photos like these make me fear the worst.

Check out the teaser and extended trailer below: