Disgraced evangelist Ted Haggard to appear in pro-abstinence Christian sex comedy

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Having now conquered (or at least dabbled in) reality TV, disgraced evangelical pastor Ted Haggard is making a cameo in the trailer for a planned "pro-abstinence Christian sex comedy." Those last four words are rarely seen together, something the two Christian comedians behind The Waiting Game are hoping to change. "[Christians are] just starving for anything comedy," according to writer/producer Emilio Martinez.

Martinez and his co-creator, Rich Praytor, are both former stand-up comics who found the comedy scene spiritually empty. (Which… probably fair.) They've written a comedy about a guy who saves himself for marriage, gets dumped at the altar, and then runs around trying to get laid like the rest of us. In the Haggard scene, the heartbroken schlemiel (wait, what's the gentile word for schlemiel?) tells a friend, "I’m so frustrated, I’m just going to do what I want… it’s not like it’s going to wind up on the front page of the newspaper;" Haggard leans in and quips, "Hey buddy, I wouldn’t do that if I were you."

Haggard actually kind of flattens the delivery, but the filmmakers do attempt to help out with a cowbell sound effect. To be honest, this whole thing looks pretty grim, despite the presence of reliably fun stars like… Ted Haggard and, um, Full House's Candace Cameron. And it's actually not a film yet; they've got a script and a trailer, and are hoping to raise two-million dollars to complete the thing.

But what's crazy is that no matter how inept and low-budget The Waiting Game looks, it could be an enormous success. The 2008 Kirk Cameron "Christian drama" Fireproof cost $500,000. Wikipedia politely notes that "reviews for the film were positive from Christian film critics [but] mostly negative from other film critics." That didn't matter much, because Fireproof made $33 million. So watch for The Waiting Game, coming soon to theaters probably not very near you.