That post-apocalyptic tween thriller you’re tired of hearing about officially breaks box-office records

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Hey, Person Who Has Used the Internet Over the Past Two Weeks, aren't you sick to death of hearing about The Hunger Games? I know, me too. It seems like everywhere you look there's a report about how many twelve-year-old girls seized from excitement during opening night, or a trend piece about how coal-miner chic is totally gonna take off next season, or an interview with Donald Sutherland in J-14 about how he thinks Selena and Justin are the Taylor and Burton of the aught-teens. Personally, I'm over it, or at least, I'll be over it in about an hour and a half, when I actually see it in theaters. Squee! It'll be totally awesome, if the $68.3 million it raked in during opening day is any indication.

What's that you say, PWHUIOPTW? Well, yes, I agree, that is a ludicrous amount of money for a movie to make on its opening day, particularly if it doesn't feature puckish English wizards and/or sassy killer robots. In fact, Hunger Games now has the fifth highest-grossing opening day and the highest opening day of a non-sequel ever: although its numbers fall short of the Harry Potter and Twilight sequels, it's already grossed more than The Dark Knight and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did on their opening days. Not bad for a miner's daughter from post-apocalyptic Appalachia. 

So there you have it: your Hunger Games news of the evening, whether you like it or not. At the very least, it gives me an excuse to post this: