Justin Timberlake offered a role in upcoming Coen brothers film

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Bad news for those of you wishing that Justin Timberlake would take a break from this whole "serious actor" business — well, as serious as you can while starring in a film like In Time — and go back to making music: news has come out that Joel and Ethan Coen have offered Timberlake a role as a folk singer in their upcoming film Inside Llewyn Davis. Based on musician Dave Van Rock's memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street, the film is set in the '60s music scene of Greenwich Village. But there's not much information about Timberlake's potential role as of yet:

Variety has the news on the offer, but doesn’t say anything specific about the character Timberlake would play, other than that he is married to a woman named Jean, to be played by Carey Mulligan. Without knowing more about the character we can only surmise that Timberlake’s musical ability makes him look like a great choice for the role.

Just for your information, this means that Justin Timberlake, should he accept the role, will have played the love interest for, in a row, Mila Kunis, Amanda Seyfried, and Ms. Mulligan. I'm not even attracted to women and I'm jealous of him at this point, so I can only imagine how you straight men must feel about this news. The project sounds intriguing, and I generally trust the Coens to know what they're doing, so I'm going to go on the record as being tentatively optimistic about the film. But can we please get you back into the recording studio when this is done, JT? You'd be doing us all a great service.