The Evil Dead remake is official, and will be co-written by Diablo Cody

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Everything's coming up Cody! It's been long-rumored that The Evil Dead, the cult classic that launched Bruce Cambpell's chin into stratospheric glory, will be remade (and not as a musical). Now it's been made official by a press release from Ghost House Pictures. The Evil Dead will be written and directed by Fede Alvarez, whose most recent project was Panic Attack!, a short film about giant robots that was mentioned on Kanye West's blog and can be seen on YouTube. It will also have draft revisions by "female Kevin Smith" Diablo Cody.

Fans of the original Evil Dead are probably already torn about this — under Sam Raimi's producing, surely the movie won't end up another lame remake like Nightmare on Elm Street or I Spit in Your Grave. But the purists will ask, why remake something that was pretty close to perfection in the first place? What does 2011 have to offer a movie that was so excellent in its low-budget, campy '80s way? The answer is… Diablo Cody.

Before getting up in arms, ask yourself. Did you see Jennifer's Body? Did you hate it? Really? Was it because of the writing, or a grudge you have against Megan Fox? Cody isn't penning the entire script, she's just adding a few bells and whistles. I think this remake will be worth seeing, if only for the inevitable Bruce cameo.