The super-powered gang’s all here in “The Avengers” trailer

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We've waited through two Iron Man films, Captain America: The First Avenger, and Thor — not to mention heaps of internet speculation — and now The Avengers is nearly upon us. While we've had our chance to form opinions on most of the cast from their previous films, this first trailer gives us the best look we've had at Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner (the third in one decade!) and a chance to see Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye in the light of day. And while you can see hints of the group's interpersonal dynamics — which will probably have a big part in making or breaking this film — most of what we get is a lot of explosions and punching and grand pronouncements of heroism.

All in all, I'm not particularly surprised but I'm not particularly disappointed, which I guess means the trailer succeeded? (Major loss of points for the generic angry rock soundtrack, however.) I mean, I'm so into this movie already that unless the trailer actually reached out of the computer and slapped me my excitement level wouldn't change, but how do those of you less invested in the film feel?