The King’s Speech will be re-released with fewer “arses” this time

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The King's Speech Colin Firth

Shamelessly capitalizing on their recent Oscar haul, the Weinstein Co. has received permission to distribute a cleaned-up, PG-13 version of The King's Speech to U.S. audiences.

The film received its "R" rating mostly due to all the cursing that Geoffrey Rush entices from the king, but the filmmakers have argued that the cursing in the movie was supposed to be therapeutic, not graphic. That argument seemed to have won the British over, as the British film-classification board certified it suitable for kids twelve and older. The old prudes in the American film industry, however, held firm on their stance until the Weinstein Co. agreed to tone down some of the language. 

In an age where networks are throwing around profanity like mad (try watching Comedy Central or FX for thirty seconds without hearing the word "shit"), I've got to wonder if the "Three fucks and you're rated R" policy is a relief or just outdated?