The long-awaited trailer for Joss Whedon’s Cabin In The Woods finally arrives

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Joss Whedon — also known as the man who launched a thousand fandoms — finished shooting his horror film Cabin In The Woods two-and-a-half years ago, and since then his fans have eagerly awaited the project, silently weeping as its release date was pushed back again and again (and again). But it seems like that's finally over and done with: perhaps thanks to the rising star of Chris Hemsworth, who has a lead role in the film, and Whedon's role as director of The Avengers (which, incidentally, also stars Hemsworth), we will finally see the movie in April. (Probably. Joss Whedon's projects seldom have a smooth road.)

And just days after the trippy first poster was released, we now have a trailer! Which means we can now describe the film in more detail than, "There's this cabin, see, and… it's in the woods. I'm sure it will be good!" Now we can include juicy bits about invisible electric fences and creepy doll masks and a girl maybe about to make out with a taxidermied wolf head. Gotta be honest, I can't say I was expecting all that:

Okay! I feel like I know less now than before I had seen the trailer, but that's kind of exciting. Let's hope this thing finally makes it out of its development hell and into a multiplex near you.