The Oscars are decidedly anti-Muppet

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Earlier today, the producers of this year's Oscars revealed a disturbing stance. No, they aren't against breast-cancer screening funds, for Proposition 8, or even for Team Gale. Rather, they're anti-Muppet.

Or at least they're toeing a dangerous amazing-and-hilarious-puppets-hating line. Even though they decided to nominate a measly two tracks for Best Original Song this year, the Oscars are strongly considering nixing any Best Song performances altogether. Meaning Jason Segel, Walter the Muppet, Jim Parsons, and Gary the Muppet could be denied their shot at delighting us all in between some awkward presenter "banter." (Oh, and I guess Rio won't get any screen time, either.)

We get it, producers. Clearly, you hate joy and childlike wonder. But at least one power player isn't standing for it, and he is none other than Segel star-maker Judd Apatow. He took to Twitter this afternoon, quoting The AV Club headline "The Oscars doing their best to make sure you won't have to listen to any Muppets" and adding, "we need to start a riot." Apatow then proceeded to retweet incensed follower upon incensed follower, and has not stopped for the past eight-odd hours. He even provided the Academy's official Twitter handle, so rioters can "tell the Oscars to let the Muppets sing their nominated song."

Non-Muppet disciples may see this as overkill, and yeah, "Life's a Happy Song" is the Muppet song that should actually be nominated, but guys, do you remember last year's broadcast? It really blew. And sure, you could blame that on James Franco and Anne Hathaway or the sheer predictability, but we all know the real reason it stunk: lack of Muppets. Let's get it right in 2012.