There’s definitely going to be a Wet Hot American Summer sequel

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With brains being cluttered on an almost daily basis with maddening updates on the statuses of the long-awaited Arrested Development movie and the seemingly-always-in-pre-production Party Down: The Motion Picture, it's easy to get jaded whenever news of a fanboy's-wet-dream-project pops up. "We'll believe it when we see it," is the most reasonable response, as we've all been burned so many times by now our emotions have a giant wall surrounding them to save us from future heartache.

But, on the surface, the news making rounds today about a Wet Hot American Summer sequel seems different. It actually seems like one to believe in.

Last night, Michael Showalter, one of the writers/stars of the 2001 now-classic, headed to the set of Bravo's Watch What Happens Live to do whatever it is one does on those kinds of shows, and in the middle of the interview the topic of a Wet Hot sequel came up:

"Absolutely yes. One hundred percent yes," said Showalter. "The whole gang. Everyone's back. We're doing it."

So, all right then: another rumor to throw on the dream pile!

That said, it's still tough to get excited about something like this while (a) rumors of a Wet Hot sequel have been casually tossed around since about 2008 and nothing's come of them yet; (b) at least two of the cast members (Bradley Cooper, Elizabeth Banks) seem perhaps a bit too big celebrity-wise currently to fart around at a summer camp for a few months. But who knows? All of that may just be unnecessary pessimism from a man who's been burned one too many times.