Tom Cruise’s Tropic Thunder spin-off to be bafflingly “heartfelt”

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Prepare for Tom Cruise's memorable and hilarious cameo as balding studio executive Len Grossman in Tropic Thunder to be completely ruined: the character, which everyone should realize only works in small doses, is getting his own spin-off film. The film has been in sorta-maybe-rumored-possibly-confirmed development for something like three years now, in what seemed like a very appropriate mercy killing, but apparently the project lives on, like a serial killer who comes back in the last scene to make you not laugh.

Screenwriter Michael Bacall, who also co-wrote Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, recently shared some information about the Les Grossman script with Collider, and it just sounds odd:

I wrote it for R because we had precedent with Tropic Thunder. It’s actually a pretty heartfelt story. I had a lot of meetings with Mr. Cruise and Mr. Stiller and it was crazy, it was a blast. I think we came up with some really fun stuff to give you an insight into who the guy is, so I’m hopeful that that’ll get up and running soon.

Um, heartfelt? An R-rated comedy about this guy is going to be heartfelt?

First of all: repeating a joke only makes it less funny, so this whole idea should have been cut off from the start. But also, does anyone on earth want to see a "heartfelt film" about this character? Or learn about his inner life? Is this some sort of Eat, Pray, Love thing? Because I do not want to see Len Grossman at an ashram. Or anywhere, but some people will not stop trying to get blood from this stone. (Note: that is also a possible line from the movie.)