Tom Hooper will direct Les Miserables

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In a move that will either excite or dismay musical-theater fans, Tom Hooper has signed on to direct the film adaptation of the blockbuster musical Les Miserables. This is the first project Hooper has formally attached himself to since his win for The King's Speech, although there were rumblings that he was going to direct another adaptation of a classic — Macbeth — as his Oscar follow-up.

The crew includes Bill Nicholson as screenwriter, and Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner of Working Title teaming up with Cameron Mackintosh as producers. The show itself is an adaptation of Victor Hugo's 1868 novel set in early nineteenth-century France during a time of political rebellion. True Les Miz die-hards like myself might remember back to 1998 when the first film version of the show came out, although this one was without music; it also totally bombed.

Although no announcements have been made regarding casting, it's interesting to note that King's Speech star Geoffrey Rush was actually in said 1998 film version as the detective, Javert. Coincidence? I'm seriously hoping it absolutely is not.