Try to unsee these movie poster copycats

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According to one of the golden rules of high school lit class, there are only seven basic plots in all stories. (Or is it twenty? Or thirty-six?) The point is, there's a definite limit. Which is why Hollywood, in their never-ending quest to pump out five movies a week, tends to recycle ideas over and over. And over. So maybe it's not all that surprising that the posters which accompany these movies also follow the same pattern, using identical visual short-cuts and aping styles wherever they can. But still, it's striking to see.

Some enterprising soul has found thirteen of these movie poster trends and plastered them side-by-side to showcase this principle. All your favorites are here: "Large Words In Unusual Font Over The Main Character's Face," "One Or More People Peeking Through A Sexy Woman's Legs," and "Two People Standing Back-To-Back."  Pictured above is the heavily-loathable "Black and White With Fire Somewhere In There" trope — also known as "The Nicolas Cage" — that advertises many a horrible film.

Be warned, though: If you click the above link, you'll never be able to walk through your local cinemaplex without a sense of frustrating and annoying déjà vu, knowing full well that you've seen all of this before, somewhere, not so long ago, but you can't quite put your finger on it.