Tyler Perry is the highest paid man in entertainment

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Tyler Perry as Madea

Thought no one actually saw Madea's Big Happy Family? Guess again. Tyler Perry's sassy drag-grandma has apparently made him the highest paid man in the entertainment world, at least for the year ending May 2011. 

That's right: Perry is making more money than Steven Spielberg, James Patterson, and if you can believe it, Dr. Phil. Thanks to the combined successes of five movies and two TBS sitcoms, Perry earned $130 million between May 2010 and May 2011. That haul puts him a full $17 million above number-two seed Jerry Bruckheimer, whom you may know as the man behind the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, CSI, and, most famously, Kangaroo Jack.

Leonardo DiCaprio is the only actor to make the top ten, because he happened to star in two super-lucrative films that year (Inception and Shutter Island). Also on the list, surprisingly, is Tiger Woods, who despite having a complete and total career meltdown somehow remains the highest paid athlete in the world. I shudder to think what he earned in 2009. 

Just in case you needed to feel even more inferior to Perry, let's also remember that Perry was deemed smarter than a Yale graduate and a DreamWorks CEO back in 2007. Spike Lee is probably punching holes in his walls as we speak.