United Arab Emirates censors title of Puss in Boots?

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puss in boots

The UAE has reportedly changed the title of Dreamworks's latest animated feature from Puss in Boots to Cat in Boots—which is, admittedly, even cuterfearing that the titular feline's name is too suggestive. (Also, the word "titular" is too suggestive.) According to the Guardian, government officials even asked voiceover star Antonio Banderas to avoid mention of the switch during an international press junket.

However, a member of the UAE's culture ministry denies involvement: "I can say 100 percent, even 1,000 percent that we have had nothing to do with this film. We have not received any complaints about the name and we have not contacted anyone asking them to change it." And a spokesperson for the film's Mideast distributor concurs: "It was agreed upon that Cat In Boots' title would be more clearly understood... The movie itself is exactly the same version, scene by scene, as the US version, with absolutely no changes whatsoever."

So it's either theocratic censorship or just a banal marketing decision. Either way, Chris Kattan is not expected to reprise his  "no, no, Antonio… too sexy!" Saturday Night Live skit anytime soon.