Unfortunate man claims “The Hangover Part II” ripped off his life story

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There are movies you'd love to claim were actually based on your life: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, maybe, or Legally Blonde. (You'd have to seek out and destroy the real Elle Woods for that one, though.) But you know what position you never want to find yourself in? The position to claim that The Hangover Part II — that heartwarming story of three friends who get massively fucked up in Thailand, this close to ruining their lives, and even almost killed a few times — ripped off your own account of getting married in Asia. That's just… that's dark.

And yet, Michael Alan Rubin is suing the film's producers for copyright infringement, misappropriation of his publicity rights, and defamation because, he says, the movie's plot is simply copied from his based-on-a-true-story screenplay Mickey and Kirin. So what happens in this treatment, exactly?

According Rubin's federal lawsuit, filed last week in Calfornia, he married a Japanese woman named Tamayo in 2007 in Japan. Together, the couple honeymooned in Thailand and India where differences started arising over Rubin's financial condition. During the honeymoon trip, Tamayo refused to share a hotel room with the luckless plaintiff.

Yeah… that is not the plot of The Hangover Part II. The plot of The Hangover Part II (spoilers — because this film is The Sixth Sense of our generation, obviously, and you'd never want to learn crucial plot points before seeing it) involves a missing brother-in-law, severed limbs, copious drug use, the Russian mob, and an Interpol sting operation. (Apparently Rubin did propose to a transexual prostitute, though, and that was in the film.) Point being: if your life was actually anything like that, I just can't imagine you'd be in a position to ever write a screenplay. Or file a lawsuit. Or draw breath, because you'd probably be dead.

So really, Michael, I hope for your sake you're wrong.