Universal decides not to go ahead with Ouija movie adaptation

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Please don't get too upset by this, but Universal has shelved its film adaptation of the slumber-party staple Ouija board. (The Magic 8 Ball adaptation seems safe for the moment.) Apparently, the studio couldn't justify the budget, which makes sense, because spending anything other than the amount of change you currently have in your pocket on such a project is just not reasonable:

Insiders say the studio, when it came time to move forward with a greenlight, came to the conclusion Ouija wasn’t right for the company at its current price (the budget hasn’t been revealed but it is described as “tentpole level”).
Meanwhile Hasbro, very protective of its brand and image, had a threshold number for the project in order to make a movie it believes will build up the property, not tarnish it.

Despite what you might assume, I'm actually a bit sad about this news. While the hilariously silly trailer for Battleship doesn't inspire much hope for such board-game-to-silver-screen projects, I could envision a movie that wasn't entirely ridiculous for Ouija. For instance, it could follow a young girl who, while playing with a Ouija board, gets possessed by a demon that must be expelled through the combined efforts of two priests, one of whom struggles with…

Oh wait, that's The Exorcist, and it already exists. Never mind; that movie was definitely going to be terrible.