Universal to make “The Big Lebowski” available for rent on Facebook

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Sure, you have your DVD collection, iTunes, cable, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and illegal downloading; but have you ever found yourself thinking, "I just need more ways to watch movies!"? If so, you're in luck: Universal is getting ready to launch its Social Theater application, which allows users to rent movies over Facebook, and they've chosen the Coen brothers classic The Big Lebowski to kick the whole thing off. (A move timed with the film's recent release on Blu-Ray.) So, what kind of deal are we talking about here?

On Facebook, Lebowski fans can rent the movie for a 48-hour period for 30 Facebook Credits, which are the equivalent of $3. In addition, users who rent the film will be able to pass along a $1 discount off the rental for up to five friends through Facebook’s “Buy With Friends” platform.

Okay, not bad: the price seems reasonable enough for a movie you think you might only watch once or twice, and from what I can tell you don't have to sign up to any sort of subscription plan to do so. But is there perhaps some other feature of this application that makes it sound super awful?

The app allows viewers to rent the movie directly through the film’s Facebook fan page, where they can also participate in a communal viewing experience by contributing “likes” and comments while also monitoring the comments from other friends of the movie.

There we go! Because there's nothing I want more while watching a film than to see a stream of anonymous halfwits commenting "the Dude abides!!!!" every two minutes. It will be just like watching a movie with your friends, except you can't choose them, and they're probably all thirteen (weirdo), and you can't tell them to shut up. Fun!