Want two free tickets to see Casablanca in New York City?

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Here's looking at you, Nerve readers.

Because we think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, we're giving away two free tickets to a one-day only screening of Casablanca at the Empire IMAX theater in New York City, in honor of the film's seventieth anniversary.

The plane leaves this Wednesday at 7:00, but don't think we aren't going to make you work for your ticket. Comment with the most clever answer to this here question and you'll win two tickets to the screening this Wednesday night: Casablanca has one of the most famous and bittersweet endings in movie history. In another movie universe, what alternate ending would you love to see for Rick and Ilsa? Don't forget to leave your email address in your comment so we can get in touch. (You can format it like "rick at rickscafe dot com" if you're worried about spammers.)