Warner Bros. working on a live-action “Pinocchio”

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The writer and producer behind ABC's Pushing Daisies are working on a live-action update of Disney's Pinocchio. It makes sense that the duo behind the defunct series about death and creepy rebirth have been tapped for this project since Pinocchio, as you may remember, was fucking terrifying in parts.

Producer Dan Jinks told Variety that he was inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Screenwriter Bryan Fuller added, "Pinocchio is one of the most emotional fairy tales. I'm over the moon at the opportunity to play with all the characters in this toy box with a large-scale re-telling….It's exactly why I love writing."

Indeed. There will be lots of fresh ground to tread in a live-action adaptation of the animation from, Jesus, 1940. (Fresh ground that does not include an aged Robert Benigni doddering around in clown makeup.) Still, the original was great. And even though gritty reboots of animated classics is the thing now, sheer curiosity is going to drive me to see it.