Warner Brothers will stream movies on Facebook in questionable attempt to unseat Netflix

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Hey, film buffs! Starting today, you can stream the Warner Brothers hit The Dark Knight on Facebook for a mere 30 Facebook Credits, a made-up currency that unfortunately translates to three real American dollars. Which seems like a pretty lousy deal, because for eight American dollars, you can watch as many movies as you want on Netflix, for a month. (Admittedly not including The Dark Knight, but for an additional two dollars, they'll send it to you, along with as many other, better movies as you can watch.) But apparently Warner Brothers thinks that that's too good a deal for you, you ingrate.

Actually, Warner Brothers and other studios have seen ticket sales decline since 2002, so it's understandable that they're worried about Netflix scooping up all their home-viewing revenue. Warner will be adding more movies to its streaming plan in the next few months, but probably not as many as Netflix's 20,000. This plan doesn't seem very appealing, but apparently Warners' announcement was enough to cause a 5.8 percent drop in shares of Netflix.