Watch: A clever and pretty Pixar tribute video

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A young, Brazilian, amateur film editor with the not-so-subtly-Dickensian-name Leandro Copperfield, has been creating some buzz lately with his video homages to some of his favorite filmmakers. His latest creation, titled The Beauty of Pixar, is a YouTube mashup of 500 scenes from all eleven Pixar feature films, which he spent eleven days re-watching.

A current of wide-eyed wonder seems to run through the short film, as it takes us through a gamut of emotions in seven minutes. And the inclusion of Louis Armstrong and Peter Gabriel on the soundtrack certainly doesn't hurt. Does the strange incongruity of Tim Allen's old coke bust and the endearing innocence of Buzz Lightyear still amuse me? Yes it does. But nothing can ever vitiate the magic and universal appeal of a good Pixar flick.

To paraphrase John Mayer, anthropomorphism is a wonderland.