Watch: A first look at the upcoming "Newsies" musical

Unfortunately, there's no Christian Bale (or, even better, young Christian Bale) in this preview for the upcoming Newsies musical. I'm not sure why there would be, unless the producers had a time machine, but I also know that when so-inclined ladies and gentlemen of my generation hear "Newsies," they have a Pavlovian urge to shout "Ohmigod Christian Bale was sooooo hotttttttttt!" Sorry, so-inclined ladies and gents. But you do get a chance to ogle some young Broadway cuties:

I came late to the Newsies party — not to be confused with the actual Newsies-themed party I went to in college; I'm very punctual — and sometimes I have to wonder what makes it quite so beloved. (I don't think people are going gaga over the rights of workers in early 20th century New York.) Is it just that Christian Bale was hot? Is it all the dancing? Someone shed some light on this phenomenon for me.

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Sep 16 11 - 11:52am

I'm a straight male and actually went to see this movie when it was in theaters the first time- and really enjoyed the heck out of it. I'm really happy for Alan Menken that they're putting this together though, he really wrote some great music that deserves to be heard.

Sep 16 11 - 1:02pm
80s baby

oh damn i need to see this

Sep 16 11 - 3:30pm


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