Watch: All the trailer premieres from the Superbowl

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Featuring Captain America, Thor, Super 8, and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Guess which one I don't actually care about! I'll give you some hints: it's the one that sounds a bit like a Pink Floyd album, the one that's part of a trilogy, and the one that is obviously absolutely terrible. Anyway, here they are, in case you weren't watching the game:

Two thoughts: Stanley Tucci? And, hello Chris Evans.

Honestly, this one kind of disappointed me. I was expecting more of a sinister mystery, but I'm feeling a strong E.T. vibe. Unless the alien tries to eat the kid, I'm not on board.

Two thoughts: Natalie Portman? And, hello Chris Hemsworth.

So, I haven't seen the first two movies, but do the Transformers just destroy a new city each time? Doesn't the novelty wear off? Also, a dragon? I thought I was just drunk when I saw this last night, but it turns out all of those thoughts were valid.