Watch: Andrew Garfield takes the superhero reins in “The Amazing Spider-Man” trailer

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Spider-Man is arguably Marvel's most famous creation. (Give or take a Wolverine.) And many people questioned the decision to revamp the movie franchise only a few years after Tobey Maguire got all emo in Spider-Man 3. (Though: why? That movie was terrible. If you're not going to put the effort into adapting something new, revamp away.) And now we've gotten our first chance to see how Andrew Garfield does in the blue and red spandex, and how the ever lovely Emma Stone plays one of the best comic-book characters ever, Gwen Stacy:

It looks good! Until about 1:30 minutes in, when it then switches to a trailer for the 1993 computer game Myst. I am hoping very deeply that this trailer is composed of rough cuts — a hope that is bolstered by the fact that we don't see much of the villain. Garfield and Stone are selling me, but truly, the effects are reminding me of the first Spider-Man. Get it together, movie makers.