Watch: The trailer for Battleship, yes, based on the board game

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In my constant battle against fellow Nerve writer James Brady Ryan to bring you the most ridiculous movie trailers on earth, I believe I have found my trump card. Behold, the trailer for Battleship — as in, "you sunk my." That's right, the first trailer for the Hasbro-game-inspired feature film, Battleship, has been released, and it contains aliens, explosions, and Rihanna

Because you're a rational human being, you're thinking: "what?" I would be thinking the same thing, except that this movie has Peter Berg, creator of my beloved Friday Night Lights behind it, and the beautiful Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgard as stars. Rihanna doesn't actually make her acting debut in the trailer, but she does appear for a split second. If nothing else, Battleship looks more entertaining than Cowboys and Aliens.