Watch: Christian Bale sings “The Powerpuff Girls” theme song

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Well, this is odd. In a recent interview with Peter Travers, Christian Bale was asked to express himself through song. Naturally, most people would start thinking Newsies at this point, but Bale demurred — though not before singing a hot second of "Santa Fe." Then he said the only song in his head was… the theme song of The Powerpuff Girls, Cartoon Network's 2001 show about three young girls who are also superheroes.

And then he sang it:

He does have a daughter, though, so that could explain his familiarity with the show. Still, is that really the song that's constantly playing in your head, Christian? Also: does anyone else find watching an interview with both Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg uncomfortable? Like, you get the feeling both of them might explode with rage at any moment, only to have that rage exponentially increased by their proximity? Because that is what I feel.