Watch: Daniel Radcliffe hunts possessed dolls in “The Woman In Black”

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Now that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 has hit theaters, Daniel Radcliffe is going to attempt the dangerous job of transitioning from an iconic role as a child star to actual working actor. (He's been doing this on stage for quite a while with shows like Equus and How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, but that's something of a different animal.) Perhaps his next project would be something as far removed from Potter as possible — a sober drama, perhaps, or a cutesy romcom, or a terrifying snuff film. But if the trailer for the gloomy, otherworldly The Woman In Black is any indication, Radcliffe isn't quite ready to leave the supernatural behind:

Well, it certainly doesn't scream "family entertainment" — if I can barely handle the dead eyes of obviously murderous Victorian toys, I doubt many kids could — but is it a mistake for Danny boy to fight the forces of darkness so soon after defeating other, different forces of darkness? Radcliffe has shown off both a wide-eyed skittishness and dark broodiness before, so hopefully he can pull this off. But I think it's a shame: ever since that episode of Extras, I've been wishing he would do a comedy.