Watch: David Lynch directed a short film about the debt ceiling

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Don't worry, it doesn't include any insidious horrors that will haunt your mind for the rest of your life, waiting to take your soul every time you close your eyes. (…Mulholland Drive had a very intense and unfortunate impact on me.) But David Lynch's short film about the debt ceiling, HOW THINGS HAVE BEEN GOING, does capture that essential Lynch quality that does make you wonder what the fuck is going on:

I really like David Lynch, even though he terrifies me, but what a fucking wank job that is. (Second time I've expressed this sentiment in as many days.) If you're going to make a film about the debt ceiling, make a film about the debt ceiling. Throw some fever dreams in there, get a little person talking backward, obsess over cherry pie. I don't care. As long as you actually address, even a little, the current budget crisis.