Watch: Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Scream Ever

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Well, this is just delicious. You know how people are always making fun of Ahhnold for his accent by doing impressions of him or writing "Ahhnold" in place of "Arnold"? Well, this video doesn't give a shit about all that, as it features no lines of dialogue at all. It's simply an "oddly arousing" seven-and-a-half-minute compilation of every time Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever screamed in a movie.

At least it appears to be every time he's ever screamed in a movie, especially as you get to the fourth minute and realize that there are still multiple minutes of screaming left.

If you didn't like that, perhaps you'd like what is kind of the opposite: a video compilation of all of Schwarzenegger's choicest lines?

If you didn't at least laugh at the line, "It's not a tumor!" then I offer my deepest condolences regarding your lack of a soul.