Watch every bit of profanity from this year’s Best Picture nominees

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Movies! As the Academy Awards tried really, really hard to remind us last night, cinema has the power to transport us, fill us with joy or sorrow, laugh or cry, scream or fall asleep or sometimes vomit. (Seriously: can anyone explain the early montage which seemed to have no unifying idea beyond, "Hey, remember how much you like movies? Please watch us. Please."?) This year's eight nominees for Best Picture tackled such issues as racism, infidelity, war, and death, but the Awards are over! So now we can stop pondering such weighty questions and let our brains get squishy. (Kidding, we should probably always care about those things. But we are entering the cinema season of schlock.) And what better way to start than a montage with a very clear theme: all the curses, insults, acts of spite, and general nastiness found in this year's bumper crop.

Uh, fair warning: it gets… pretty uncomfortable during The Help, for obvious reasons. (Except for the pie scene. That pie scene is so hilariously over-the-top I will never not enjoy it.)

Before today I felt almost no motivation to see The Descendants, but after that explosive string of varied cusses and insults I feel like I need to watch it immediately. Their entire ad campaign should have been a tween shouting "twat" over and over. That's what gets butts in seats, people!