Watch: Is this the start of the next Batman movie’s viral campaign?

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Ever since viral marketing became a must, especially for projects with large online communities, almost anything can be mistaken for a marketing campaign. Strange graffiti tags pop up all over the city? An oddly professional conspiracy-theory website? A rain of blood that lo, rips the heavens asunder? They're either ads for the next Spy Kids movie, normal stuff, or fan-made hoaxes. So when YouTube videos pop up that could be the start of the viral campaign for The Dark Knight Rises, it's smart to be skeptical. Then again, most fan-made videos wouldn't have Anthony Michael Hall in them as a Gotham City newscaster:

Not much new contained in that, of course — talk of an Arkham Asylum break-out as a plot point has been kicking around the internet for a while. Here are two more videos, which are even less straight-forward and don't include any Brat Pack members at all:

So, could these be legit? Warner Brothers isn't saying anything, so it's impossible to say for sure right now. Is it just a well done fan-made project? Is that fan actually Anthony Michael Hall? Does it not matter that much because these videos contain almost no new information? Leave your thoughts, or anything informative you may have caught in the videos, in the comments.