Watch: Jonah Hill in red-band trailer for David Gordon Green’s “The Sitter”

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A severely slimmed-down Jonah Hill trades some potty-mouthed banter with a few kids before introducing the trailer to his new movie, The Sitter, also known as "The filthiest R-rated babysitting movie ever made." The film was directed by David Gordon Green, of Pineapple Express and Your Highness, and stars chubby Jonah Hill, perhaps in his last ever on-screen appearance.  

In The Sitter, Hill plays a suspended college-student slacker with a gift for "dining at the Y," who takes a job as an adult babysitter, telling one of the kids that "I'm more of a sit-on-the-couch-do-whatever-I-say-or-I'll-kill-you type of babysitter." Ari Graynor plays the crush-object, Sam Rockwell and J.B. Smoove play the not-very-scary-sounding drug dealers, and there's even a Method Man sighting. Needless to say, it revolves around one night of violence and mayhem with the smartass anklebiters in tow.

Enjoy the chubby, schlubby Jonah Hill now, because he may be gone forever. The actor, who got his start in comedies, seems to have moved on to play more serious roles (befitting his more serious body-type, perhaps), with upcoming spots in 21 Jump Street and Good Time Gang.