Watch: Judd Apatow gathers lots of famous actors for charity, to make fun of Jews

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Sarah Silverman

Judd Apatow has assembled an impressive group of actors — from Sir Patrick Stewart to Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog — to support AJWS, an international charity group. And also to make some wisecracks about Jews. Sarah Silverman, as usual, does it best: 

Last year, American Jewish World Service gave away twenty-two million dollars in grants to 458 organizations in 34 different countries. That really throws a wrench in the "Jews are cheap" premise. I mean, if you think that's cheap, there's no way you're Asian, because you're really bad at math.

Like some other Judd Apatow projects, it goes on a little too long. But still, even without its charitable intentions, it's funny enough to be worth watching: