Watch: Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried stay hot forever in “In Time”

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The prospect of staying young forever sounds promising — as someone facing a birthday in mere weeks, I find it very promising — but there are certainly complications to eternal hotness. For instance, how weird would it be that you and your parents will one day look the same age? And then your children as well? It's one thing to know your mother was a looker back in the day, but actually having Olivia Wilde in front of you giving reassuring forehead kisses is a different story. Justin Timberlake seems to be handling it well in In Time, though. Until he takes Amanda Seyfried hostage, that is:

The premise looks promising — I am getting a strong Patty Hearst vibe off of Seyfried's character, and I am so into that — but my initial reaction is what a waste it would be for Matthew Bomer to dispose of his beautiful, beautiful face. 105 is almost certainly not enough, Matthew. Please, think of the rest of us.