Watch: Kevin Smith’s “Red State” finally releases a trailer

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After a very long wait, the world will finally get to see Kevin Smith's crazy Christian horror movie, Red State. The film's had a troubled road to distribution, mostly thanks to Smith himself, who went on a notorious rant at Sundance about how he didn't want to sell the film to "some jackass" and decided to purchase and distribute it himself. That didn't really work — not surprisingly — and now Smith has partnered with Lionsgate to release the film via a video-on-demand service. So you may not get to see it at your local multiplex, but it's better than nothing.

And thanks to that development, we've finally gotten a full trailer! The upside? It looks… pretty good. Maybe a little heavy-handed with some of the characterization, but this is Smith, after all:

The downside? The downside is obviously this:

Ugh. Ugh. Just don't… Don't do that, Kevin Smith. Let us forget about your essential Kevin Smith-ness for just a few minutes while we watch an entertaining trailer. Please.