Watch: Meryl Streep’s first clip as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady”

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When the first image of Meryl Streep as Margaret Thatcher hit the internet, people seemed generally impressed with how well America's Greatest Living Actress — which is not a description, FYI; we're legally required to refer to her by that title — embodied the look of the former Prime Minister. And now we can finally see her in action, as the first (quite short) trailer for The Iron Lady has been released:

Having watched some interviews with Thatcher, I think Streep certainly gets a few things down: the voice is pretty solid, Thatcher certainly does that "tilt head, slight smile" move, and Street really nails that odd flaring of the eyes when she punctuates the word "strike." On the other hand… there's a lot of teeth going on in this clip, which might be somewhat accurate, but could push the whole thing too far into camp territory to be taken seriously.

But I am no Thatcher expert. Readers who are more familiar with Thatcher and her mannerisms — do you think Streep is getting the part right? Or is this going to be less Helen Mirren in The Queen and more Fred Armisen as Obama on SNL?