Watch: Michael Shannon jokes about how he got a part in Man of Steel

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Michael Shannon

Michael Shannon, of Boardwalk Empire fame, was officially given the role of General Zod in the next Superman film, Man of Steel, this weekend. He has mastered malicious condescension over the years, so he should be a perfect fit. Between his Oscar-nominated role in Revolutionary Road and the job he's doing as a Prohibition agent on HBO, he's done all the prep he needs to be an intergalactic d-bag.

Zack Snyder, the film's director, is enthused to have him on-board, after a month or so of courtship. The story of how Shannon finally got the part, or at least his telling of it, is actually pretty funny. Judging from his roles, you'd think him a serious dude. But after hearing him talk of acid trip-y meetings with Snyder and air-conditioning snafus, I wouldn't mind seeing him do a little more comedic acting. However, if his part in Kangaroo Jack turned him off to comedy forever, I'd understand.