Michelle Williams gives good face in My Week With Marilyn

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When the first pictures of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe came out, I was nervous. There was something waxy about the look, which could be chalked up to bad Photoshop, but even worse than that was the feeling that Williams was just playing dress-up. But now that the trailer's been released? Well, it seems my initial impression was wrong; once she actually gets moving, Williams makes a surprisingly credible Marilyn. Honestly, I'm a bit shocked at how similar the two look at times, something I would never in a million years would have thought had this movie not been produced.

Oh, right! The movie itself: it looks fun enough. I'm getting a strong feeling of standard British-y Oscar bait. (Or maybe I should say BAFTA bait.) I didn't even know this movie had Judi Dench in it, but it is so Judi Dench:


And is that Ms. Emma Watson I see, in her first non-magical role? Indeed it is! (I refuse to count the TV movie Ballet Shoes, whatever that is, for completely arbitrary reasons.) Which is more exciting: the performance of the ever-reliable Williams, or the chance to see Hermione out of her wizarding robes and making the jump into her post Harry Potter career?