Watch: Official “Green Lantern” trailer featuring Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

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Green Lantern

There are pretty much two kinds of good superhero movies now: the brooding, ambitiously serious types like The Dark Knight and Watchmen, and the more popcorn-friendly yet still edgy types like the Iron Man series and the most recent Spider-Man franchise. 

Judging from the trailer below, Green Lantern, which features Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, should probably be in the Iron Man category, but it also kind of wants to Dark Knight it up a little. We read and hear lines like, "The brightest day, the blackest night," and "In our darkest hour, there will be light." Or, in other words, "Take me seriously!"

But since you probably know more about this comic-book business than we do, you'll probably better know how seriously we should be taking this movie. Watch the trailer below and let us know!