Our Idiot Brother, the upcoming comedy about an idealistic slacker and the three sisters who have to put up with him, has a lot of things going for it. Most of those come from the cast, which is stuffed with loveable people, including Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Rashida Jones, Emily Mortimer, Adam Scott, and Steve Coogan. And, in a summer of raunchy comedies that have mostly (but not completely) disappointed, it seems to have a bit of a sweeter tone. (Kind of like I Love You, Man.) Finally, it always helps to have the ever dreamy Paul Rudd go on the marketing offensive — though probably not in the ways he pitches in this Funny or Die video:

Surprisingly decent acting turn from Harvey Weistein there! And can I just be the first to say that while the list of ideas Rudd comes up with is objectively awful, I am actually fully support having him talk to everyone in the world for ten minutes or so. I imagine many of you will agree with me.


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Commentarium (5 Comments)

Aug 10 11 - 9:03pm

*Another* story about Gore? That's two in a row.

Aug 11 11 - 12:12am

Paul Rudd is even more beloved than John Cusack was at his zenith. If someone doesn't like at least some of Rudd's films, they are inherently a bad person w/ wrong opinions.

Aug 29 11 - 8:48am

I can't believe you're not playing with me--that was so hlepful.

Aug 31 11 - 12:50pm

Wait, I caonnt fathom it being so straightforward.