Watch: Pixar gets Celtic with its first female protagonist in “Brave”

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Pixar has been criticized in the past for its lack of female protagonists — in favor of focusing on Cars 2, which breaks the studio's record of consistently awesome films and, randomly, makes me so angry I could spit — but its 2012 release Brave looks to change that. The film follows a princess — ugh — who must save her parents' kingdom after an ill-advised wish that turns the whole place pear-shaped. There's a bear involved, somehow. And here is the first trailer:

The animation seems a tad rough at the moment, but the overall look, much like the concept art, has a charming biotic quality that seems to set it apart from previous Pixar films, few of which (beyond Finding Nemo) dealt with the natural world all that much. Hopefully you enjoyed this, because it's your only break from the studio's sequels until 2014.