Watch: Quentin Tarantino’s first film, “My Best Friend’s Birthday”

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Watching a director's leaked first film is always a giddy occasion. You get to see what was only a glimmer in the director's eye at this point. Only, in Quentin Tarantino's case, you get to see all of it. Like, all of the glimmers in all of the eyes. Speaking at a breathless clip? Check. Trailing off in mid-dialogue? Check. Drugs? Check. Playful antagonism, belying the fact that the characters are kinda big assholes? Check. And I'm only five minutes in. I don't expect any violence because even Tarantino understands the importance of doing things well or not at all, and good-looking violence was hard to do in a film with a $5,000 budget in 1984 (which sounds like a lot of money for this, but you have to consider the cost of developing film one-million years ago).

I have thirty minutes to go. Reactions?