Watch: Ryan Kwanten is a reluctant LARP-er in “Knights of Badassdom”

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Big few days for geeks here on Nerve, apparently. In addition to the back-and-forth between Peter Smith and myself, we now have the trailer for the LARP-themed action comedy Knights of Badassdom. (LARPing, in case you don't know, is live-action role-playing, which is like historical reenacting but with made-up history. And more huzzahs.) The cast the producers have lined up looks pretty stellar: Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau, Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage, and Danny Pudi play our heroes whose fantasy fighting turns bloodily real when they accidentally summon a demon — a sexy demon, natch — to the day's fake battle:

I have to say, after stuff like Darkon, Role Models, and this, LARPing is looking… kinda fun? Like the sort of fun I might try? It does seem like a lot of commitment — the closest thing to a sword I have lying around is a steak knife — and a bit silly at times, but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves so much! When their flesh isn't being torn apart by a succubus, that is.