Watch Sacha Baron Cohen dump an urn of Kim Jong Il’s “ashes” onto Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars

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Proving that the Academy was actually right for its fussy decision to try to ban him from the red carpet, Sacha Baron Cohen dumped an urn of "ashes" all over Ryan Seacrest during an interview at last night's Oscars.

As predicted, Cohen, who co-starred in Oscar favorite Hugo, showed up in character as Admiral General Aladeen to promote his new movie The Dictator. Talking to Seacrest, he held a gold urn and explained that it was his best friend Kim Jong Il's lifelong dream to attend the Academy Awards, and to have his "ashes sprinkled on the carpet and Halle Berry's chest." Cohen then dumped the urn and Il's "ashes" onto Seacrest's suit, and shouted "Now when people ask who you're wearing, you can say Kim Jong Il!" before being hustled away by security.

Zoinks! From the looks of his forced smile, Seacrest had no idea this was coming. While it's always nice to see Ryan Seacrest look flustered, I actually felt a little bad for him, and thought the funnier part of the interview was when Cohen name-checked (noted anti-Semite) John Galliano as the designer of his uniform. In any case, it remains to be seen if anyone will ever let him near a red carpet again. That, and if this will actually make anyone decide to see the mediocre-looking Dictator.